There are three models to choose including a personal single-unit charger, eight unit chargers for small groups and 35-unit chargers for larger groups.

Single-Unit Charger

The single-unit charger is a compact desktop charger for individual lamps. It is supplied with a standard North American 120VAC power cord.

Eight-Unit Charger

The eight-unit charger can be placed on a desktop or wall-mounted indoors or in an enclosed vehicle. This charger includes 120VAC and 12 VDC vehicle power cords.

35-Unit Charger

The 35-unit chargers are wall-mounted and plug into a standard 120VAC power outlet. Lamps snap firmly into the 35 charger bays and can be locked to the convenient and secure locking hasp with a padlock.  This charger is energy efficient and has a very compact size; minimizing and even freeing up space in the lamp room.

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